No One Gets it Right First Time

Ombre Cake, take one.

No one gets it right first time, like our recent attempt at Ombre Cake, but we won't give up.....

Ombre is the French word for colour, shaded or graduated in tone. As we love bright colours at Sanders Yard, we decided to try and incorporate them into our baking, hence trying our hand at Ombre Cake. As you can see, it wasn't visually brilliant, but it tasted great and things rarely are brilliant on the first attempt, precisely why they say "Practice makes perfect."

The same goes for our whole menu at Sanders Yard. We strive for perfection and are always looking to see how we can improve things. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share them with us when you visit. We love to chat to our diners, after all "the customer is always right!" Plus, we want our diners to come back again and again to enjoy a wide range of dishes from our menu, so we work hard to get it spot on.

We will not be giving up on this beautiful creation, it is staying on our cake counter and will be looking perfect before you know it!

See you soon for a plate of Ombre!

Sophie & Brian